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Welcome back to Rancher's Bend, Texas, a small town about an hour from San Antonio. Here the weather and the cowboys are hot, but the first responders are even hotter! There are firefighters, paramedics, SWAT team members, including a bomb technician, and no shortage of hometown heroes!

Get ready for a heart-racing adventure with Lynn and Bruce in Burn for Me! Lynn is a dedicated small-town nurse, and Bruce is a beloved firefighter. They’ve been planning their wedding for months, but just days before the big event, they receive a call to assist in Mexico after a deadly earthquake strikes. Despite the risks, they agree to go, knowing their skills can make a difference and save lives.

Danger awaits them around almost every corner. Finally, a postponed flight is the last straw. With the adrenaline pumping and their hearts racing, they throw caution to the wind and make a spontaneous decision that could affect the rest of their lives. Will there be consequences they never imagined? Will their love survive the whirlwind of events? Find out in Burn for Me, a small-town, steamy, contemporary romance that will leave you breathless and wishing for more!

Seas of Love

Set sail for a steamy adventure and a journey of passion on the high seas with two novellas that will make your heart race, senses come alive, and leave you breathless!



Spending part of my summer break on a cruise ship sounds ideal, even if I'm working. That is until I board the vessel and run into my brother's best friend. The problem is that he's more than that. He's the man I've had a massive crush on for years. The man who usually goes out of his way to avoid me. My guess is that's going to be hard for him to do. Cruise ships are big, but they aren't that big. So maybe it's time for me to go after what I want! I predict sultry seas ahead for both of us!



A Christmas cruise? It's not how I usually spend the holiday season, and that's a good thing! I'm looking to trade a sleigh for a ship, eggnog for margaritas, and snow for sand. I'm also hoping to convince the man of my dreams that we should get married. For that, I will need some Christmas magic! 'Tis the season for love, hope, and joy!


Notice: These two novellas were previously published as episodes on the Kindle Vella platform.

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Southern Knight is a steamy, contemporary romance with a twist of suspense. Return to the sultry Lowcountry of South Carolina with author Iris Abbott. Follow the story of Selena and Waylon as they fall in love while facing the danger that threatens to rip them apart.

A resilient and strong woman on the run with her young daughter. A sexy bodyguard who possesses bulldog determination and three adorable sidekicks, a well-trained security dog and two adorable puppies. A barking mad ex-husband who can’t seem to let sleeping dogs lie. Paths will cross, lives collide, and things in Charleston are about to get red-hot.

A new name, city, and job are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges Selena must face. She and her daughter are playing a deadly game of hide-and-seek. One that they must win in order to survive. Who would have thought that being on the run from her vile and vengeful ex-husband would lead her to the happy ending that even she never dreamed was possible?

Waylon has the perfect job, getting paid big bucks to do the thing he loves most. He trains and work
s with dogs. The fact that the world is a bit safer thanks to him and his dogs? Well, that just makes his grin even wider. The truth is, he didn’t know anything was missing until the family next door moved in and changed his life for the better.

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