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Montgomery Family and Friends Series 


The seven books in the Montgomery Family and Friends series are fast-paced and heartwarming contemporary romance novels filled with a sense of community and a strong cast of secondary characters.

A Montgomery Homecoming Updated



Annabel Montgomery has always dreamed of leaving her hometown. After a failed relationship and the worst year of her life, she does just that. After a three-year absence, she returns home for a long-overdue Montgomery homecoming.

Close family ties are too strong to ignore as her father’s sixtieth birthday approaches. Also, her Alma Mata has decided to search for the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker, listed as endangered but thought to be extinct. A successful wildlife photographer, Annabel has been asked to join the search. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and Annabel eagerly agrees.

Once home, she comes face-to-face with the man she’s been trying to forget, her first and only love, Dr. Jonathan Chambers. In this emotional and heartwarming romance, Annabel learns that sometimes the very things we are running from are the things we need the most.


Aubrys Song 2014.jpg



Aubrey Montgomery is impulsive and wild. Beneath her reckless façade, there is a heart of gold waiting for the man strong enough to tame and permanently claim her. Until a chance encounter with a mysterious and sexy stranger, she can’t forget, alters her life forever.

Matthew Hampton, lead singer of the legendary rock band Urgent, wants Aubrey Montgomery more than any woman he’s ever met. The hunger only deepens as the pair continue to cross paths.

An unplanned pregnancy and quickie wedding just before Christmas will test both their resolves. Christmas is a time of miracles, however, and these two fated lovers need their own miracle to ensure the happy ever after they both so desperately need and want.


A Montgomery Marriage 2014 copy.jpg



Abigail Montgomery still has emotional scars from her disastrous first marriage. The only good things to come out of the union are her two wonderful children. When her ex-husband shows up threatening to sue for custody of Emily and Jay, she proves how far she is willing to go to ensure their safety.

Mason Blake has wanted Abigail for years. Their work relationship, however, forced him to keep his distance, until now. Suddenly Abigail needs help, and it looks like the only answer to her dilemma is a marriage of convenience. Mason sees this as an opportunity to act on their mutual attraction and take their relationship to the next level.

Abigail and Mason give in to their desire for each other and things heat up. Abigail finds herself longing for love. Instead of a marriage of convenience, she wants more, but she’s afraid. She has to find the inner strength to push aside the lingering fears and doubts caused by her first marriage, and grab hold of the real thing when she finds it!

Carolines Seduction2014_1050x700.jpg



A hostile takeover or a merger of the hearts?

CAROLINE’S SEDUCTION is the fourth book in the Montgomery Family and Friends series. It is a contemporary romance with a strong sense of secondary characters and a happily-ever-after ending. It features a sexy hero who makes his living as a corporate raider, a feisty redhead prepared to protect her heart from a hostile takeover and what could be the most important merger of both their lives!


Evans Surrender 2014.jpg



If all is fair in love and war let the battle begin!

EVAN’S SURRENDER is the fifth book in the Montgomery Family and Friends series. It is a contemporary romance with a strong sense of heart and home, relevant secondary characters, and a happily-ever-after ending. It features a sexy and stubborn hero who is determined not to give in to his feelings, a feisty heroine prepared to do anything it takes to capture the love of her life, and a battle of the heart that neither can afford to lose.


Sample-2 copy.jpg



After the storm comes the calm, but you have to survive the turmoil first!

A storm is brewing in Austin and Laura and Brian are about to be swept away. Laura just lost her job thanks to budget cuts. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the music teacher is blindsided by a car when leaving a weekend gig with her summer band Midnight Silk. One good thing comes from the accident. It brings out the protective instincts of her new acquaintance Brian Blake.


Faiths Sheriff 2014 copy.jpg



This heartwarming romance with a twist of suspense and a happily-ever-after is the seventh and final book of the Montgomery Family and Friends series.


Cole Duncan was first introduced in A MONTGOMERY MARRIAGE. He’s the sheriff of the Montgomery sisters’ hometown. He also helped save Caroline in CAROLINE’S SEDUCTION. Now it’s his turn to find love.


Amazing seven stories ... I cannot believe I am saying bye to the Montgomery family. Read all 7 in 7 days. Highly recommended.

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