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Iris Abbott, the author of the Metal Cowboys, returns with the steamy and at times suspenseful Shade of Red series. 

A jilted heroine.  A sexy older man.  The rebound fling neither of them will ever forget.

You’ll love this steamy romance for its passion, and because everyone likes second chances and a happy ending.


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A murderous stalker intent on killing again.  A hero and heroine on red alert.

In this steamy contemporary romance with a twist of suspense, Poppy Sawyer was supposed to meet a coworker at a bar. Instead, she stumbles across the woman’s dead body. Poppy is in the sights of a killer, but she escapes to the arms of her childhood crush.

Years ago, Deputy Bryan Wright decided his younger sister’s best friend was off-limits. Now that she’s all grown up, he is having second thoughts. Danger brought her back into his life, but only love will keep her there. Bryan is determined to protect Poppy, no matter the cost.


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The author of the Shades of Red series returns to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, where two souls scarred by tragedy find the passionate love of a lifetime.

First impressions are not good, but the attraction is undeniable. Circumstances push them together, and fireworks ensue. However, to navigate the stormy seas of life together, they must set aside the damage of the past and open their hearts to the possibilities of the future.

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There are many reasons why Lucien Payne is out of her league and totally off-limits.

They come from opposite sides of the tracks. Lucien is the big boss, and she’s the newest hire. He is about a decade older and so much more sophisticated than her. He also witnesses the humiliating end of her last relationship. Ruby Josephson should run not walk away from his smoldering looks and charming manner.

Born into old Savannah money and a successful businessman in his own right, Lucien Payne has no trouble going after what he wants. Trouble is, the woman he wants is involved with someone else until she isn’t. Lucien wastes no time taking advantage of the other man’s colossal mistake. Now he is on a mission to make his steamy but temporary engagement with Ruby something more permanent.

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A stalker is closing in, waiting and watching for the perfect opportunity to silence Rose’s voice forever. 

Iris Abbott adds a twist of suspense to her steamy Shades of Red series, and brings it to a close with a heroine running for her life, a hero determined to keep her alive, and the dangerous stalker that brings them together.

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