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Interested in reading adventurous romances one episode at a time?  Then Amazon Kindle Vellas might be for you! Vella is a reading platform that allows you to read one episode at a time, and the first three episodes of every story are always free.  It's the perfect reading solution for busy people trying to sneak in reads during the breaks in their day.   

Sultry Seas


Spending part of my summer break on a cruise ship sounds ideal, even if I'm working. That is until I board the vessel and run into my brother's best friend. The problem is that he's more than that. He's the man I've had a massive crush on for years. The man who usually goes out of his way to avoid me. My guess is that's going to be hard for him to do. Cruise ships are big, but they aren't that big. So maybe it's time for me to go after what I want! I predict sultry seas ahead for both of us!


Mistletoe Seas


A Christmas cruise? It's not how I usually spend the holiday season, and that's a good thing! I'm looking to trade a sleigh for a ship, eggnog for margaritas, and snow for sand. I'm also hoping to convince the man of my dreams that we should get married. For that, I will need some Christmas magic! 'Tis the season for love, hope, and joy!

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The Charmed Cat Cafe


Chelsea's life is turned upside down in the blink of an eye. She moves halfway across the country to the charming yet spooky town of Enigma, Maine. The place has more than its fair share of secrets and mysteries. Chelsea's about to stumble across more than a few of them. Turns out, she comes from a long line of powerful witches. She's got much to learn about magic, the paranormal, and romance! It's a good thing the intriguing and sexy police chief is more than willing to lend a helping hand.

This Time's the Charm bigstock--211067119.jpg

This Time's the Charm


Welcome to Enigma, Maine, where witches, shifters, and other paranormal beings live and love! Nicole Banner has been cheated on and dumped one time too many. She's sworn off men, but that was before she saw Forrest Gannon coming! A strong attraction ignites between the witch and the wolf shifter. But, as their passion grows, dark forces threaten to tear them apart. Get ready for a spellbinding tale of romance, danger, and supernatural intrigue in this thrilling paranormal love story!

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