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This heartwarming, contemporary series takes place in beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  

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Love Cures All

Workaholic Dr. Joshua Hanson lives for his job. That is until his new houseguest arrives and turns his life upside down. Megan reawakens feelings inside him that were long buried. She makes him laugh. And she makes him want more.

Megan Hall is looking forward to a leisurely vacation on Hilton Head Island. However, her summer host poses a tempting challenge. He's good-looking, fun to be with and a great kisser. He's also her best friend’s uncle and should be off-limits. Megan can’t help that her breath catches every time she sees him.

Add an adorable but lonely orphan to the mix and life-altering changes are inevitable. Megan and Joshua are about to learn that laughter might be the best medicine, but love cures all.

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Island Christmas

Author Iris Abbott creates a story of Christmas magic and cheer for the second romance in her Island Medical series. Christmas carols, the search for the perfect tree, ice skating, drinking hot chocolate by a roaring fire all while falling in love make for a holiday to remember.

Rachel Fisher is shy and unassuming, but her clown persona of Pinky Sue can light up a room with just a smile. It’s the woman that catches the eye of pediatrician Robert Adams, however. On impulse, he invites her to the Island Medical staff Christmas party. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start thanks to a mix-up and interference from a jealous and spiteful bystander.

They are about to find out that Christmas is the perfect time for romance. And Robert and Rachel don’t need help from any mistletoe either. The attraction between them sizzles enough on its own. Robert was never a believer in magic or love at first sight. All that is about to change, however, thanks to a clown with a big smile and an even bigger heart.

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Book Three

Coming soon!

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