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Three steamy, contemporary romances involving veterinarians from Warm Hearts are available for your reading pleasure.  

Metal Cowboys - Chrome



Iris Abbott, the author of the Metal Cowboys, returns with the romantic and sassy Warm Hearts series. 

In the heart-warming, contemporary romance Give Me Heart, a sexy, workaholic sheriff and a big-hearted veterinarian are brought together by a lost dog.

Luke Davis’s demanding but empty life is about to change for the better. Saving a dog leads him to Warm Hearts Animal Hospital and into the arms of April Adkins. The minute they meet, a mutual desire is sparked and slowly burns until it grows out of control. The sexy, trouble magnet shakes up his steady life, softens his hardened heart, and makes him want to give love and commitment a second chance. 


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Iris Abbott, the author of the Metal Cowboys, returns with the romantic and sexy Warm Hearts series.

In the heart-warming, contemporary romance Give Me Love, a big-hearted veterinarian and an abandoned dog jump imaginary fences and climb invisible walls to earn the love of an emotionally scarred woman.

Trauma can make or break a person. Chelsea Monroe is broken, only existing, not really living. A determined man and an adorable dog bring laughter and love to her barren world. Suddenly, she is done with being afraid. She’s ready to take back her life, beginning with the devotion of a good man.

Tim Bennett lives by the Warm Hearts’ motto; Give Me Heart, Give Me Love, and Give Me Shelter. Now the words have a second meaning. He will put his heart into sweeping Chelsea off her feet. He will give her love enough to help her forget the bad and remember the good. Lastly, he will provide shelter in his arms so that she can finally heal.


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Iris Abbott brings her touching and steamy Warm Hearts series to a close with a woman afraid to trust, a man determined to win her love, and the dangerous threat that brings them together.

Dog rescuer Kelsey Sullivan has a soft spot in her heart for those who are cast aside. She takes in strays who need her until they find a permanent shelter from the storms life has to offer. When Kelsey finds a severely injured animal, she must work with the one man she wants to avoid the most.

Veterinarian Hunter Bryant wants to get close to Kelsey, but she freezes him out from day one. She enlists his help, and they work together to save a victimized dog. The attraction between them sizzles, and bonds form. Happily-ever-after is within their reach, but they must survive the deadly dogfighting ring that targets Kelsey’s shelter.

They can’t save every dog, but Hunter knows Kelsey is going to try. He’ll be by her side, giving as much heart, love, and shelter as possible.


Iris Abbott is a great storyteller and never fails to please. This is a continuation of the metal cowboys series you will want to read. 

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