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Metal Cowboys Series


Seven Metal Cowboys are available for your reading pleasure.  



He’s sexy, exciting, and capable of taking care of what’s his… everything she needs. She just doesn't know it yet.

There’s a new breed of cowboy calling Texas home. The Metal Cowboys prefer bikes to horses, but that only makes them sexier. The rugged men are led by Copper Ellison. The former Navy SEAL is tough as nails, but he’s got one weakness. 


Sometimes life takes almost all you have to offer and when it’s least expected gives something back.

It’s a good thing Mercury never walks away from a challenge. When Lexi’s flower shop is vandalized, he steps up to offer help and protection. Given another opportunity to laugh and love, Lexi must come to terms with her past once and for all if she has any hope for a future with a happy ending.



It just isn’t Emily Blake’s day…

​Steven ‘Steel’ Ellison and his brothers design and build custom bikes. He’s more at home on a motorcycle than a horse. That isn’t going to stop him from charging to the rescue when his beautiful neighbor needs help. But this knight in shining armor is riding to the rescue on a bike instead of a horse, and both of them are in for the ride of their lives.



One moment can change your life forever...

Natalie Taylor knows it's time to move on from a dead-end crush that’s going nowhere. The problem is, she’s tried, but her heart and body just won’t cooperate. Then a late night stop on a deserted road changes everything.


​Samantha Sloane swore never to trust a man again...

Cameron ‘Gold’ Duffy, the newest member of the Metal Cowboys, is determined to make Sami his. Gold needs her to trust in herself, trust in him, and most of all trust in them. It won’t be easy, but she’s worth the effort. And he isn’t going to stop until the sinfully sexy baker is sweet on him too.   


​A mysterious protector appears from nowhere and sweeps her into his arms and away from danger…

A drug bust gone wrong, a traitorous mole, betrayal from an unexpected source, and a shootout with drug pushers will not stop DEA Agent Victoria Parsons from doing her job. She is determined to keep lethal drugs out of the hands of children. There's no room for a man in her life, and even if there is, most men can’t handle the danger and unpredictability that come with her job.


​Iris Abbott brings her heartwarming and sexy Metal Cowboys series to a close with a wounded former Army Ranger, the sweet girl of his dreams, and the dangerous threat that brings them together.

It’s taken Joel ‘Titanium’ Fisher over two years to get his life together and move on from the life-altering injury that caused him to lose part of his leg. Now that he’s healed, he wants to win Camille Stone’s heart. Her sweetness and vulnerability bring out his protective side. Now that she’s in danger he’ll do whatever it takes to makes sure they have a future together.

Oh, boy, here we go - the last of the Metal Cowboys books and boy, does it end with a bang! 

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