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  • Iris Abbott

Who Rescued Who???

About three years ago, my husband and I adopted two kitten siblings from a local rescue. Since then we've been rewarded with countless purrs, cuddles, smiles, and laughs. They snuggle with us on cold winter days and nights. They occasionally keep me company when I write, putting a smile on my face as I bang away on the keyboard.

During this frightful pandemic with all its anxiety-inducing unpredictability, sadness, and grief, I'm more grateful than ever for their unconditional love and affection. A lot has changed for my family over the last several months. One thing stayed consistent. That's the continuous and endless supply of purrs, cuddles, and yes, smiles and laughs. So, even though we brought them home from the rescue, I'm more convinced than ever that they rescued us.

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16 jan. 2021

This is swell, dear. Maggie & Missy love it when you're writing. They watch your every keystroke. 😻😻


Iris Abbott
16 jan. 2021

I love those little furbabies. They keep me warm and make me smile.

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