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  • Iris Abbott

Charging full speed ahead with too many book ideas and never enough time!

Southern Comfort, the third book in the Barrett Security series was recently released on Amazon. That accomplished, I thought my readers might appreciate an update on my works in progress and projects I hope to tackle during the rest of the year. It's a lot to tackle, with the day job taking up most of my time, but I'm going to give it my best shot!

The character worksheet and basic outline for Southern Knight, the fourth book in the Barrett Security series is complete. The story features Waylon Knight of Barrett Security, a woman and child on the run, and of course, Waylon's adorable dogs, Liberty, Star, and Stripe. I hope to wrap up their romance and have it ready for your reading pleasure by late summer or early fall.

Also on the agenda, I am finally revisiting Rancher's Bend, the fictional town from my second series. The covers for all four stories in the Rancher's Bend Bride and Groom series have been updated. Burn For Me is in the works. The novella will kick off the start of my Rancher's Bend Hometown Hero series. The main characters might be familiar to my readers as they are Bruce and Lynn, two of the secondary characters in Accidental Bride and Groom.

Lastly, Reaper and his brothers will be getting their own series. You guessed it, the Vigilante Kings series! Of course there's a reason Reaper returned to Arizona. The reader will find out all about it in his book, Reaper!

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